Operating Instructions

After you download the software (Click here to do so), save the downloaded file "setup_decoclock.exe" to your desk top, then run it.

When Setup runs follow the simple prompts to install the clock program on your computer.

Important: If you are using Windows™ 7 or Vista™ Click Here for special instructions before running the clock.

DecoClock Settings

[Click to download DecoClock]

Once you have your computer set correctly you're ready to run DecoClock for the first time. When you do, you will see a window, similar to the one above, displaying the time in UTC.

You probably want to "play a bit" with your new toy. To do so right click anywhere on the brown "case" of the clock to reveal the menu.

[Right Click Menu - DecoClock]


Tells you a little about the program; what the version number is, where it's available and the guy who wrote it.


[DecoClock Aralms Dialog]

The Alarms dialog allows you to set and control two different alarm functions.
Both alarms provide both visual and audible notifications when they are triggered.

On the left is a 24 hour alarm clock that you can set to go off at the same time each day.
This feature turns your computer into a very expensive alarm clock, a long-standing tradition at the Mt. Airy Center for Creative Anachronism.

On the right is an interval timer that is settable from 10 seconds to 600 seconds. This feature was inspired by the requirement by the United States Federal Communications Commission that all US amateur radio stations identify themselves at least every 10 minutes.

Internet Setup

[DecoClock Internet Setup]

The Internet Setup dialog box enables or disables the SNTP connection between DecoClock and the time server.

For best results, you should connect to the Internet before starting DecoClock. The program attempts to sync when it is first started and at random intervals thereafter. Successful synchronization is indicated when the red "light bulb" below the main display turns green.


Quit. Stop. Bail. Fini.