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All time displays show the time as kept by your computer's clock and do not represent UTC-JITT.

Historic Riefler and Shortt Clocks Added

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JägAir Time

Clock Ensemble JägAir Time is derived from an ensemble of Atomic clocks. The Ensemble currently consists of four Agilent (HP) 5071A and two HP 5061B Cesium clocks. The newest of these Cesium Beam clocks, the Agilent 5071A (opt 001), is capable of maintaining correct time to within one second every 1,800,000 years. The average of these Cesium Beam clocks steers the Sigma-Tau Active Hydrogen Maser. The output of the Maser (HM-4) constitutes the physical realization of UTC-JITT.

The output of HM-4 is applied to timekeeping equipment that generates the "tick" and "beep" heard in the announcement. The atomic clock also controls a computer that generates the voice announcements. These two audio signals are applied to the telephone answering equipment. Four announcements are made each minute. The male voice announces UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on the minute and half-minute, the female voice announces local time at 15 & 45 seconds after the minute.

Free Software

Software is available to synchronize your computer to national time standards.
Our Favorites:
  • Our Very Own NIXIEClock (freeware).
  • Our Newest: DecoClock (freeware).
  • Full featured Dimension 4 (freeware).
  • he physical realization of UTC-JITT.